Picture of Jared in London

Hey, I’m Jared!

I’m friendly, fun and love to travel. I care too much about too many things and have always loved creating experiences that people enjoy - both on and offline.

I’ve had my hand at 2 semi-successful small businesses and also run (unsuccessful) my own Groupon-esque tech startup in 2012. I’ve worked for advertising agencies and an e-commerce giant in South Africa - here’s my take on that experience. In my past two jobs (one of which was on the beautiful island of Mauritius) I setup and ran as sole UX/UI/Everything Designer working with travel-tech SaaS companies to build mobile, desktop and other applications for users from all of the world.

During a casual holiday stay in the UK in 2018 I fell in-love with this way of life (safety, public transport that works, friends-for-days and well, parks!) and wanted to get in on the action. I later did a 3 month user research project and found myself mostly travelling back and forth between London and Amsterdam and what I learned from that experience, would set the tone for what I am going to say next…

If you’re looking for someone that can bring way more than just what’s required to the table, any table - give me a shout.

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UX/UI Designer